Latest version 1.5.0


The drComRead program is focused on providing opportunities to build a library and comfortable reading comics. The main features of the program are listed below.

Import comic book to library

The main difference between the drComRead application and many others is that it does not open comics from user folders every time to view, but imports them into its own repository. This means that after importing the archive files and image folders from where the comics were imported, you can safely delete it, because the further storage and management of your library will be covered by the drComRead application. Currently, import from archives of formats RAR / CBR, ZIP / CBZ and folders with images of formats PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF is supported.


One of the main features of the application is the management of the comic book library. The library stores all the activity of the user - the date of the last comic book viewings, put bookmarks, signs of reading, page turns and much more. If you read a lot, this program will help you to more conveniently control your library and all your activity. To find comics in the library, there are sections that allow you to distinguish newly added comics from reads and those you are reading at the moment. Also, if your library has grown considerably, you can use filters to search by name, creation and / or addition dates, and reading tags.

Read list

A reading list is an analog of a playlist of video players, allows you to more conveniently organize your reading of comic books by creating a list of comic books that will be opened sequentially one by one without having to return to the library to indicate the next comic. The reading list records what comics are read and where you finished your reading. After opening the application, the reading list view starts exactly from the point where you finished reading the last time. Also, the reading list can be customized, so that it will automatically delete the read comics or hide them.

Comic book viewer

For more comfortable viewing of comics, it is possible to adjust the zoom modes for different page orientations (portrait, album and square). Navigating through comic pages or transitions to the next comic book in the reading list can use the keyboard, mouse, gamepad and touch controls. For orientation on the page, if it exceeds the window size, a special control is used Edge indicator. Thumbnails allows you to quickly scroll through all pages of the comic strip. To correct the direction of the comic books, there are tools for turning and mirroring. Right during the viewing you can bookmark (bookmarks can be marked with colors and add a note). You can also disable the display of the main and additional comic book covers. For fans to keep a hand on the pulse, it is possible to add a live tile in the Start menu in which data will be displayed about where you left off when you last used the application.