Latest version 1.5.0


If you have problems, you can contact the application support. To do this, just write an e-mail to

Do not import archives with comics

It's very unfortunate if the application for viewing comic book archives can not import the archives themselves with comics. If you encounter such a problem first, you need to check that the archives are in the correct format. The archive formats that the application supports are CBR (actually a RAR archive) and CBZ (in fact a ZIP archive). But it is also important to understand that not all archives will be imported by the program. What can go wrong?

  • Not all the guys involved in the packaging of comics do this with the default settings and because of this there may be problems. In particular, the archive will not be read if it contains a password, and also if it is a self-extracting archive, partial archive and partially or completely damaged.
  • There may also be a problem with the contents of the archive. The application tries to extract only files of the following formats - JPEG, PNG, GIF. If the archive does not contain images of one of the above formats, it will not be imported.
  • The archive can be opened from the network environment or from cloud storage. Undoubtedly cloud storage is made very well, but it happens when the network becomes a problem due to which the archives can not be imported to the library. It is recommended to check and possibly try again if the import fails. If after a couple of times it does not work, you can contact support (support address at the beginning of the page).

If the application crashes and subsequently does it again when you open it

I'm trying hard to prevent this from happening, but it can still be very annoying if the application can not be launched. In order to restore functionality to the application, you need to perform a few simple steps. First you need to go to the diagnostic page of the application, just go to this link.
This link will only open if you have installed the drComRead application otherwise the browser will most likely ignore it.

The most effective way is to reset the transition history. The application records for convenience the last 30 transitions between pages and has the ability to return to them.

To reset the transition history, click the Clear History button. After that, return to the normal state of the application by clicking on the Exit button.