Latest version 1.5.0

What is drComRead and why is it needed?

The drComRead application is intended for viewing comics and organizing a comic book library on desktops, tablets, mobile devices and Xbox One.

Comics viewer

The application allows you to view comics imported from files (RAR, CBR, CBZ, ZIP) as well as from folders with images. A rich set of tools for managing the viewing of comics is available to you. The reading list allows you to organize a sequence of reading comics and also keep a sign reading the comics, bookmarks and also in case the image is incorrectly turned to rotate it right during viewing. Scale modes can be adjusted for each of the layouts (portrait, album) of the image. While viewing the comic book, you can use the keyboard, mouse, gempad, touch (if there is touch control on your device) in any convenient combinations for navigating navigation.

Comics library

The application allows you to quickly build a library of comics and use it conveniently. You do not need to worry about the archive files on the disk. It's enough for you to import them into the application and the application itself will take care of the rest. The library is divided into several sections allowing you to keep track of which comics have been recently added, which are being read at the moment, and which are already read. Also with the help of filters by name, the date of creation or removal it is easy to find any comics you are interested in.

Reading list

If you read a lot, then the program is ideal for you to organize a sequence of comics for reading. You can easily fill out your reading list in the order that suits you. Do you want to read all the issues about Batman from the first to the hundredth? Just put them on the reading list and enjoy reading. The program will remember the last read comics and in case of a re-entry it will open exactly the page where you left off. You can also configure the reading list so that the comics are deleted immediately after reading.