Latest version 1.5.0


Settings for viewing comics allow you to change the mode of image scaling and also the visibility of cover pages and additional covers. To open the settings of the Comics View page, click the Settings button.
Page settings view comics

Scaling modes

Scaling modes are presented as three orientation settings. Portrait, landscape and square. Settings are specified for each of them separately.
Zoom Settings
The zoom settings depend on the size of the window and / or the available viewing area. The following zoom settings are available:

  • Original size
  • Fit to width
  • Fit to height
  • System Profile

Original size implies that the image will be displayed on the canvas using its original size. This view mode is convenient only for comic strip comic strip because they have very small size. Fit to width is similar to images in portrait orientation such as that of conventional comics pages. The width of the image is adjusted according to the width of the window (or viewing area). When you resize the window, the size of the image changes. Fit to height is suitable for images in landscape orientation such as the page turn of a comic book, or two pages at a time. The height of the image is adjusted according to the height of the window (or viewing area). When you resize the window, the size of the image changes. System Profile this is the default setting. The system profile contains mappings for different window / viewport sizes and changes them automatically when their sizes change. This setting relies on a number of prepared sizes and comparisons to them. At the current time, the number of sizes is not large, so if in your case the scaling does not satisfy you, it is recommended to change it to one of the settings listed above.

Covers visibility

By default, all pages including covers are available while browsing. But maybe you do not want to start watching comics from the cover and immediately begin to read the comics. For this, there are settings that allow you not to include covers in the list of comics viewing pages.
Zoom Settings
To change this behavior, you must turn off one or both of the switches Main Cover and Additional Covers.

Live tile

Starting with Windows 8, it became possible to add live tiles to a special desktop, and in Windows 10 and the Start menu. You can add a tile that will show information about what the last comic you read, on which page finished and the preview of the page itself.
Live tile
To add live tiles, simply click on the ** Lock ** button and answer in the system dialog in the affirmative.