Latest version 1.5.0

This page lists only the release versions of the application.

Version 1.5.0

Bug fixes

Fixed errors in the formation of the reading list.


A new group section has been added for group actions with comics.


All sections of the library are consolidated into a single page.

Sign of reading replaced by the percentage of reading.

Added two new library sections - History and Bookmarked.

Import comic books

Single import page for all devices.

Version 1.4.9

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that occurs when importing a large number of archives at once.

Version 1.4.8

Comics viewer

Added Manga mode.

Version 1.4.5

Bug fixes

Fixed crash when importing images from the directory.

Fixed crash when importing archives in a deep folder structure.

Version 1.4.4

Import comic books

Added the ability to download archives and PDF via a direct link from the Web.

Version 1.4.2

Bug fixes

Fixed error when opening readlist.


Improved performance the library.

Version 1.4.1

Bug fixes

Fixed error in translation for hint of count pages in comic book.

Fixed animation for hint of count pages in comic book.


Added ability import PDF files to library.

Version 1.3.39

Bug fixes

Fixed crash when the application started.

The system profile of the scaling has been fixed.


Accelerated import of comic books into the library.

Version 1.3.38

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that occurs after you go back in history on the Xbox One.

Fixed crash when while importing files some files are inaccessible / incorrect.

Fixed an application crash if the page image could not be loaded.


Added the ability to switch to full screen mode by pressing F11.

Version 1.3.37

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug occur while comics removing from read list.


Added the ability rename comic books.

Added the ability changing read mark.

Version 1.3.36

Bug fixes

Fixed a crash after selecting a folder to import images as a single archive of comics.

Read list

Added the ability to change the current active comics in the reading list. For a single selection mode, you need to press the left mouse button or tap on the necessary comics, for a multiple selection mode, right-click or make a long tap.

Version 1.3.35

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash because the reading list was incorrectly written, resulting in the inability to open the reading list and use the application in general.

Fixed bugs in the layout of the pages for Xbox One.

Fixed translations of filters and field names with dates.

Fixed a bug due to which after the import was an empty comic.

Fixed the error that led to the fact that when opening a comic from one mode it was not opened from the first page.

Version 1.3.34

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that caused an application to crash when navigating between pages on Xbox One.

Fixed a crash when the application was selected while selecting a comic source on the Xbox One.

Fixed handling of keystrokes on the gamepad on the Xbox One.

Version 1.3.33


Localization of the application in English.

Change the engine of the local database from SQLite to LiteDB.

Diagnostic page.

Comic book viewer

Show information about the current page number and the number of pages after any navigation in the upper left corner of the viewing area.

Two-page mode

Bug fixes

Fixed bug in the formation of live tile.

Fixed bugs in the reading list leading to inconsistencies in the data.

Fixed a bug that allows you to go outside the viewing area when the image is very small.

Fixed a crash of the application after switching from comic book view to library.

Version 1.2.28

Read list

The display of the number of comics in the reading list and how many of them are read and how much is unread.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash on the mobile device when viewing images whose width was greater than 2100 or a height greater than 1800. Now the limit is 4000 in width and 3000 in height.

Fixed a bug causing the application to crash if you delete all comic books from the library that are in the reading list and then add others and try to view them.

In the desktop version, on the Comics Add page, the availability of buttons during the import of comics has been fixed.

Version 1.1.25


The functionality of filtering comics on key attributes is implemented

The comic sort functionality for key attributes has been implemented

Importing CBR / CBZ archives

Importing a folder with images as a comic

Read list

Filter for read comics in the reading list

Setting up automatic deletion of comic books from the reading list

Changing the currently read comics

Comic book viewer

Scaling modes

Thumbnails filters

Navigate the comics and go to the next / previous comics in the reading list

Support for navigation and scrolling the view area using the keyboard, mouse, gamepad, touch

Rotations and mirror image reflections

Ability to set the bookmark

List of miniatures of all pages of the comics