Latest version 1.5.0

The information on this page is divided into three sections for convenience.
In section Work in progress indicated the changes that are currently being developed, and will be included in the next version of the application.
In section In new versions indicated those changes that are not currently being developed, but which are planned for development in one of the future versions of the application.
In section Ideas and investigations indicate changes that are under discussion and / or ideas.

  • The planned release date is the end of September

Work in progress

Number of comics in the library

Output of the number of comics in the library.


Integration with website

Registering user profile and capabilities sync state beetween few devices. User can share the comic book on network with friends.


Sharing comic books with friends

Ability share comi book to friend in network.


Go to bookmark

Ability to go from the library to any bookmark of the selected comics.


Change page order

The library will have the opportunity to change the order of the comics.


In new versions


Capability change background on application pages and sidebar.



Ability to connect to website and retrieve the comic book collection.



Ability to connect to application in real time and read comics on non windows 10 devices.


Ideas and investigations